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Our story dates back to 1924 when two brothers, armed with a single radio transmitter and a healthy pioneering spirit, took the step from amateur radio to broadcasting a regular programme from Luxembourg. To this day this pioneering spirit lives on throughout our Group.

After 90 years in the entertainment business, RTL Group is still innovating and keeps on “re-inventing” itself. We are not only the leading European entertainment network; with our rapidly growing on-demand services and multi-channel Networks on Youtube we are also the leading European media company in online video.

Today, RTL Group is in the best possible position to make the most of the many opportunities and challenges of the digital age.

Our key success factors?
A passion for what we do, decentralisation and our long-term view of the business.

A passion for media and high job dedication

RTL Group is a melting pot of talents, from producers to finance professionals, from journalists to experts in digital technology. Our employees have one thing in common: they love what they do. We have created a work environment where creativity and entrepreneurship can flourish, where our employees– in front of or behind the camera – feel at ease and confident, and where they can realise their full creative potential. People development, information transparency, team spirit and a culture of open dialogue and participation are all vital to RTL Group, which has always maintained that “it’s people who make the difference”.

Decentralisation and global teamwork

Decentralisation is an important concept for RTL Group. It defines the way we work together, and mirrors our values ‘diversity’, ‘responsibility’, ‘partnership’ and ‘entrepreneurship’.

Our success is built on the recognition that each country has its own cultural, linguistic and regulatory identity. This means that each Business Unit makes decisions independently and can act flexibly according to the needs of the market it serves. RTL Group’s decentralised approach notwithstanding, we also believe in global teamwork. CEOs and senior managers from across the Group aren't the only ones who meet regularly to transfer know-how, share best practices and identify synergies – RTL Group’s international footprint creates regular opportunities for cross-border teamwork at many levels of the organisation; for example in producing news coverage, sharing ideas for formats, swapping experiences gained with programmes, sales, finance, legal, production. This ensures that success and innovation in a given market can be transferred and adapted for use elsewhere.

In a nutshell, RTL Group is a truly global company, whose strength lies in being as local as necessary.
We encourage and help every employee to make use of the possibilities RTL Group has to offer through its worldwide businesses.

The principle of decentralisation is also true for recruitment. If you are interested in a position within RTL Group, you can consult the job search and send an online application directly to the local recruiting teams. To find where our operations are located, just click on our worldwide map and explore our job opportunities worldwide.

Long-term vision coupled with innovation

RTL Group offers powerful brands and captivating businesses in a challenging market where the digital revolution demands rapid action and change. We have three strategic pillars: broadcast, content and digital. In order to achieve our strategic goals, RTL Group has the ambition to be best in content, best in online video, best at monetising and best in people.
However, innovation, flexibility and risk-taking must also be compatible with our corporate culture.
Our core values – creativity, credibility, entrepreneurship, partnership, best brands, profitable growth, responsibility, and diversity – are not merely words; they guide us and are part of our success story. And this is one of the many reasons why RTL Group attracts and retains some of the most talented people: we offer our employees long-term partnership and they are proud of their company.

And we know: being the leading European entertainment network, brings responsibility to the communities we operate in. To learn more about our corporate citizenship efforts, please have a look at the Corporate Responsibility section.

We are #PARTofRTL

RTL Group is made up of an incredible diverse collection of people. What they all share is a pioneering spirit with a willingness to take risks and to shake things up. Together, they make up this vital international Group. Meet some of them in this video.

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