Editorial independence

Journalistic freedom is cultivated at all RTL Group's operations / © RTL Television and Stefan Menne

RTL Group runs TV channels, radio stations and news websites in many European markets. The Group is built on the recognition that success in Europe, with its multitude of different languages, cultures and media regulations can only come through having a strong local presence, run by local management. 

News and magazines are an essential pillar of RTL Group’s broadcasting, in terms of both quantity and quality. Therefore, most of the news programmes are produced locally and in-house, and the local CEOs act as publishers and do not interfere in the content.

The editors-in-chief at the local business units are responsible for the editorial content and each aims to ensure diversity of opinion through cultivating journalistic freedom.

Everyone involved in creating our news and information programmes has a journalistic, ethical and social duty. RTL Group has issued  Newsroom Guidelines to provide a framework for action, for our daily work, and for the more challenging cases our editorial staff regularly encounter. This is underpinned by our adherence to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which guarantees the freedom of expression and information.

Our commitment to editorial and journalistic independence is also clearly expressed in the Code of Conduct:

“We do not exert internal influence on journalistic news reporting and do not succumb to external political or economic influence. We comply with existing laws, regulations and corporate policies regarding the separation of editorial content and commercial advertising.” 


In a video statement, Bert Habets, RTL Group Co-CEO, highlighted the importance of press freedom for RTL Group


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