At RTL Group, we feel it’s important to combine our business success with responsible action towards environmental protection. We aim for the prudent use of natural resources in all our operations, looking to minimise any adverse environmental impact, over and above complying with regulations. And although RTL Group is a decentralised organisation, we expect the same commitment from our various profit centres.

As a service provider and a broadcaster, we are not a major polluter, but nevertheless, we want to cut down our CO2 emissions. Energy consumption is responsible for the largest proportion of our greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, since 2008, RTL Group has measured and published its carbon footprint every two years, and annually since 2015. We analyse collected data in depth, with the help of the Bertelsmann be green team.

After having achieved the target of reducing its annual carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 relative to a 2008 baseline of 72,738 tonnes, the Group set a new target in 2018 (baseline 2016):

We plan to reduce our carbon emissions by 20 per cent until 2025 with the milestone of a reduction by 10 per cent until 2020.

RTL Group discloses its carbon footprint information, which has followed the GRI international reporting standard. You can find the results of the 2016 assessment here.

RTL Group strives to conserve natural resources and to minimise its impact on the environment and the earth’s climate. Here you can see some of the things we’ve been doing with regards to environmental protection:

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Environmental Matters News

Changes for the climate

On the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change conference 2017 in Bonn, RTL Radio (France) organised, in partnership with ‘Fondation pour la Nature et l'Homme’ and in association with newspaper La Croix, the second edition of the ‘Journée des Solutions’ (Solutions Day) presenting all day long positive examples of tackling climate change.

RTL Group’s greener city

In November 2016, RTL Group began moving into RTL City, its new energy-smart headquarters in Luxembourg. The new buildings are powered by a high-efficiency cogeneration plant, and have a façade with a pixelated, double-skin system that uses internal blinds to reduce excess heat. The towers are cooled by thermo-active concrete and use natural ventilation.


Photo: © Eric Steichen

Green energy at RTL Nederland

RTL Nederland worked alongside the Green Media initiative to convert the Media Park in Hilversum to green power. Since July 2016, all Media Park buildings use green power for 80% of their energy. Power supplier Ennatuurlijk provides sustainable and effi ciently generated electricity and green energy by working with the Dutch wind power supplier Eneco HollandseWind.


Photo: © Marco Heyda

Reporting on bikes at RTL Belgium

To avoid Brussels’ growing traffic congestion and ensure they remain fast and efficient in their work, RTL Info journalists and camera crew can use two electric-powered cargo bikes. Following requests from journalists themselves, RTL Belgium bought the bikes and customised them with flight cases. They allow one crew of two persons to ride quickly and safely to report on location in any traffic, and carry everything they need for their work, such as cameras and tripods.

Lights out at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

On 19 March 2016, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland turned off the lights at its Cologne headquarters between 20:30 and 21:30 in support of the Earth Hour environmental initiative. Initiated by WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature), the Earth Hour annually draws attention to the partially irreversible consequences of climate change

The Environmental Working Group at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland welcomed the commitment: "The fact that the theme of energy saving is on the agenda was demonstrated with the move to our Broadcasting Centre and its energy-saving heating and cooling systems. An action that highlights the important issue of saving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in such a vivid way deserves to be supported."

Saving rain forests at Divimove

Europe’s leading online video company, Divimove, joined forces with WWF Germany (World Wide Fund For Nature) to promote its YouTube channel. When one of Germany’s biggest YouTube stars, Simon Unge, took a two-week journey through Brazil to highlight the environmental threats posed to rain forests, the number of WWF YouTube subscribers more than doubled to 15,000.

Best of RTL Group’s ‘environMINDday’ 2015

During the week of World Environment Day on 5 June 2015, RTL Group and its profit centres held their seventh environMINDday – a day of action that aimed to engage employees in environmental issues. The event was part of RTL Group’s corporate responsibility strategy and the ‘be green Days’ that Bertelsmann organises regularly.

As part of our energy efficiency projects, we also would like to engage employees in environmental issues, which is why RTL Group began organising an environMINDday from 2008. Participating companies across the Group undertook numerous initiatives to raise employees’ awareness of climate change, and advise them on how to be environmentally responsible at work and in their personal lives.

In this connection, a presentation on the topic of ‘Urban development and the Kirchberg Plateau’, as well as information booths were organised to bring all Luxembourg employees up to speed about the construction projects and their current and future transport options. Furthermore, the on-site bike-sharing scheme, which enables employees to borrow conventional or electric bicycles, has been upgraded. As in previous years, an organic, locally sourced lunch was served at the company restaurant and lucky eco-quiz winners won special ‘soft mobility’ prizes.

What happened across the Group? Examples of activities at various companies: 

RTL Nederland

Since September 2014, RTL Nederland has broadcast its own internal TV programme called Gangmakers every two weeks on its intranet. In 2015, a green Gangmakers special about RTL Group’s environMINDday aimed to encourage colleagues to be more environmentally conscious. Forester Arjan Postma also led a nature walk.

UFA Serial Drama

The UFA Green Team organised a ‘Dr. Bike’ event in Potsdam under the slogan ‘Bike to work and do something good for yourself and the environment’. The UFA Green Team in Cologne offered a repair service for employees who commute by bicycle with a free inspection and minor repairs to fix their bikes in time for the summer.

RTL Radio Deutschland

105.5 Spreeradio in Berlin joined environMINDday 2015 by discussing the topic live on air. Funkhaus Halle (89.0 RTL and Radio Brocken) featured special energy saving and environmental tips in their internal communications streams.

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