M6 wins a prize for a report on the family life of gay couples

17.06.2014, France, M6

On 12 June 2014, the jury of the Prix Média Enfance Majuscule awarded a Special Mention for a Documentary prize for a report on Zone interdite: Papa et maman sont gays (Dad and Mum are gay), which aired on 27 January 2013  in prime time on M6.

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In this report, M6 focused on the family situation of children raised by homosexual parents. In France, between 40,000 and 100,000 children are being raised by gay or lesbian couples. Since the government decided to legislate on homosexual marriage, these children have found themselves at the centre of a political debate, with the question of their legal status dividing France. This film follows the daily lives of four children, Léo-Paul, Hortense, Lucas and Marion, who talk about their respective family situations.

Zone interdite: Papa et maman sont gays © M6

In a press release, the channel stated: "Zone Interdite adopts an innovative approach to events and situations that are of interest to the French in daily life and sheds light on the lesser-known aspects of society. Its mandate is to show the world as it is and to tell the stories of men and women that encourage society to reflect on its values and destiny."

Enfance Majuscule awards prizes to television programmes that have attempted to improve information and raise public awareness in the area of childhood and children’s protection. M6 previously received recognition for the quality of its reports at the 2013 awards (Backstage reported).

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