RTL Girls awarded at the 2018 Out d’or

22.06.2018, France, RTL Radio (France)

At their second edition, on 19 June 2018, the 2018 Out d’or awarded the artists, journalists and personalities who embodied a positive representation of LGBTQ+ people.

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This year, five editorial teams competed in the 'inclusive reporting' category: RTL Girls, Brut, Rue 89 Lyon-Héteroclite, Libération and Franceinfo.fr. But it was RTL Radio (France) through its RTL Girls label which claimed the prize in this category.


Arièle Bonte, journalist and head of RTL Girls, says: "Our mission is to recount, analyse, decipher the news from the angle of gender and inequality, to smash taboos and injunctions related to women's bodies and their sexuality and to give voice to new role models of success, committed to equality.

In covering these topics, we felt it both relevant and especially necessary to widen our field of observation, where inequalities come together and accumulate for: African-American women, Muslim women, people with disabilities, homosexual(s)/lesbian(s), transsexual(s), and all the other issues of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our way of recounting the world now extends well beyond RTL Girls. For RTL Girls is now a regular guest in all sections of the website, on all our stations, among all our journalists and, little by little, in other French and international media ... so that one day, maybe, the Out d’or for 'inclusive reporting' will no longer need to exist."


About RTL Girls

RTL Girls informs and dialogues with the young women who will construct the world of tomorrow. This new 'ladies first' media paints the picture of inspiring women, delivers their testimonies, and proposes a decryption thus allowing each one to be fully realised. For more information, visit http://www.rtl.fr/girls.

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