Jean Dujardin is in seventh heaven On 27 February, a few hours after his coronation at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Jean Dujardin was the special guest on RTL Radio’s RTL Midi. The following day, he gave his first televised interview since his return to France, live on M6.
The French actor Jean Dujardin, who won the Oscar for Best Actor on Sunday for his role in Michel Hazanavicius’s film The Artist, was still on an emotional high when Stéphane Boudsocq interviewed him on RTL Midi. “I feel like I’m in a warm bath and I don’t really want to climb out of it,” he exclaimed. The actor also added that he is “not euphoric” (…) “The pressure is dropping and it is very, very pleasant.” (...) “I’m not saying to myself, ‘There, I thumbed my nose at George Clooney and Brad Pitt’… or if I did, I’d say it quietly to myself just to feel good.”


 M6 saw Jean Dujardin debuting in 1997 on Graine de Star

Jean Dujardin’s win in the Best Actor category is a first, as no Frenchman has ever won the award in a leading role. Only three women from France have won the Best Actress prize so far: Claudette Colbert, Simone Signoret and Marion Cotillard.

The silent black-and-white film took home no fewer than five Academy Awards, including an Oscar for Best Picture. It is the first non-Anglo-Saxon feature film to win this top prize. Director Michel Hazanavicius also won an Oscar for Best Director.


 Jean Dujardin in OSS 117 : Rio ne répond plus

On Tuesday evening, M6, which saw Jean Dujardin debuting in 1997 on the talent show Graine de Star and later performing in the series Un gars une fille (rerun on the TV channel since 2010), invited the actor fresh from his Oscar win to a live interview on the set of Le 19.45 presented by Xavier de Moulins. The evening was then dedicated to Dujardin, with the first free-to-air TV broadcast of OSS 117 : Rio ne répond plus, also made by Michel Hazanavicius, and a documentary about the actor’s dazzling rise to fame.

Teaser picture: Jean Dujardin / AFP / J.Klamar

29 February 2012 - RTL Radio / M6, France