Vox viewers give EUR 259,777 Monies raised during the “Machen Sie Schule” (Goes to Schools) fund drive go to support the building of schools in Ethiopia.
Vox viewers made it happen again in 2008, donating EUR 259,777 during the “Machen Sie Schule” fund drive. The money raised makes it possible to build two school centres complete with desks, chairs, teaching and lesson materials and sanitary facilities in Ethiopia, and to equip the children with school materials and uniforms.

Judith Adlhoch with children in Ethiopia

In 2008, Vox and the World Vision relief organisation hosted the “Machen Sie Schule” fundraiser for the third time, with the aim of enabling children in developing countries to get a formal education. Thanks to the generosity of Vox viewers, some thirty schools have already been built in Swaziland and Mali, and hundreds of children have been equipped with classroom materials. The money from the 2008 fund drive will go to school projects in Ethiopia (Backstage reported). With annual per capita income at around USD 160, Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries. It costs just under ten euros a year to supply a child with books, notebooks and pens and pencils for school – money many families simply don’t have. As a result, their children never get a chance to go to school.

Judith Adlhoch says: “On my trip through Ethiopia I saw the children’s amazing will to learn. Thanks to Vox’s viewers, many children are now being given the chance to do so – and it will open up a whole new world for them. Going to school is the first step into a better future, as education means a chance at change and development.”

9 January 2009 - Vox, Germany