RTL Nederland launches RTL Lounge The fifth channel in RTL Nederland’s portfolio will broadcast the best Dutch and foreign drama and lifestyle programmes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
On the occasion of RTL Nederland’s programme presentation on 24 August, the company announced the launch of the new channel RTL Lounge. It will be RTL Nederland’s first special-interest channel and will target today’s young women. Initially, RTL Lounge will be available via the digital packages of UPC and Ziggo, but RTL Nederland is also holding talks with other distributors.

In addition to popular RTL programmes like Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, Gooische Vrouwen, RTL Travel, Nigella Bites and Bouwval Gezocht, the channel will also broadcast exclusive programmes, including RTL’s premiere of the Dutch telenovela Lotte, drama series like Fashion House and Desire and the travel programme Rough Guides. In short, RTL Lounge’s programmes will aim to inform and inspire the young women of today.

RTL Nederland CEO Bert Habets said: “RTL is tracking viewers on all platforms. Digital television is becoming increasingly more important. Our aim is to latch onto this trend as best we can by offering distinctive, high-quality programmes. Consequently, the launch of RTL Lounge is extremely important for our company.”

The programmes broadcast on RTL Lounge will not be interrupted by advertising and will always begin on the hour or half hour. The channel will also give viewers some unique previews. As from 2 October, the channel will be available to UPC subscribers with a ‘Royaal’ package and Ziggo customers with a Film & Entertainment package.

25 August 2009 - RTL Nederland, Netherlands