Kid et toi logo teaser Inclusive of all viewers Starting 31 March 2012, each week M6 will broadcast a report in French Sign Language (LSF) in the M6 Kid time slot – with translation provided in-house by a deaf member of staff.
Kid et Toi is a multiple award-winning four-minute format that answers children’s questions on day-to-day topics, from light (How to make your first pyjama party a success? How to be stylish this winter?) to more serious (How to surf the Internet in complete safety?; How to respond to being bullied for money?; How to respond to offensive images?, etc.). On 31 March, M6 innovates and broadcasts the topic: How to be an active citizen?, in French Sign Language. This episode will deal with questions children may ask about liberty, equality, the respect of rights and obligations, while opening a door to the rest of the world.

In 2011 M6 Kid won, two Média Jeunesse awards, a Média Jeunesse Enfants Mention, and a Média Jeunesse Mention, all for specific episodes of Kid et Toi, along with a Special Mention for the entire set of Kid et Toi episodes.

Groupe M6 is proud to support this new and spontaneous approach and hopes to make it permanent feature over the long term. Through this initiative, Groupe M6 confirms its intent to satisfy its viewers’ expectations while keeping ahead of regulations.

Kid et Toi in LSF, every Saturday starting on 31 March at 8:00 on M6.

30 March 2012 - Groupe M6, France