Fifth consecutive month on the rise In February 2012, M6 achieved an 11.7 per cent total audience share – a 1.2 percentage point increase over the month of February 2011. Once again, M6 registered the highest ratings increase, all channels combined.
M6 also achieved excellent results with housewives under 50, with an audience share of 18.1 per cent. Le 19h45 followed by Scènes de Ménages continued to draw a good many viewers, with M6 registering an increase of 1.6 million viewers over one year. The channel’s television news show set a new audience record, drawing up to 4.5 million viewers. Also, for the first time since its creation, Scènes de Ménages made it possible for M6 to rank number one with the total audience, achieving its second highest ratings ever: 5.7 million viewers on 22 February 2012.

Aïda Touihri

Daytime magazine programmes achieved excellent results as well in February. 100% Mag registered its highest weekly audience since its launch in February 2008, peaking at 2.5 million viewers, while Turbo, the automobile magazine programme presented by Dominique Chapatte, achieved its highest rating since the new formula was launched in 2009, with 1.6 million viewers tuning in. The Sunday newsmagazine programme 66 minutes presented by Aïda Touihri achieved its biggest audience of the season so far, with 2.8 million viewers, while Un Trésor dans votre Maison charmed 2.5 million viewers, its highest rating since its creation.

Jéròme Anthony presents Un Trésor dans votre Maison

M6 continued its growth trend in prime time with 200,000 more viewers in one year. Season 3 of Top Chef continued to charm audiences, drawing up to 4.2 million viewers. Capital achieved its best ratings this season with the theme: “Buying power and the Euro: should France close its borders?”, with a total audience share of 14.8 per cent.

Alain Chapatte presents the automobile magazine Turbo

On the fiction side, the comedy La vérité si je mens ! 2 achieved the second highest ratings for a French film on the channel with 6.1 million viewers, while Season 8 of NCIS improved on its record 2009 performance with 7.2 million viewers.

1 March 2012 - M6, France