RTL Television, Stern TV, Teaser Steffen Hallaschka to present Stern TV Steffen Hallaschka will take over as the presenter of Stern TV on RTL Television from January 2011. He succeeds Günther Jauch, who is stepping down after 20 years as the show’s presenter. The I&U TV production firm will continue to produce Stern TV.
Hallaschka has regularly presented the consumer show Markt on NDR since 2006, and has also served as substitute presenter of the NDR Talk Show since 2006. He has also presented the ARD programme Ratgeber Technik since earlier this year. Hallaschka began his career in radio aged 21, joining Hessischer Rundfunk’s youth programming in 1993. He later left to join Radio Fritz in Berlin, and was a presenter with Radio Eins from 2004 to 2008. Hallaschka initially ventured into TV in 1996 when he presented 100 Grad on Deutsche Welle TV and ORB. This was followed by a number of assignments as a presenter for ARD’s regional broadcasters, 3Sat and Arte, as well as for commercial channels.

Andreas Zaik, Managing Director of I&U TV Produktion, says: “Steffen Hallaschka s a perfect match for the Stern TV job profile. In addition to his professional experience, he possesses a deep journalistic curiosity, as evidenced especially in his interviews. He has a wide-ranging interest in a lot of different topics and was immediately able to identify with the mix of topics covered by Stern TV.”

Günther Jauch says: “I am pleased that Steffen Hallaschka will become my successor at Stern TV. He is a well-known presenter with plenty of experience and an utterly pleasant colleague. I am sure that he will quickly manage to imprint a style of his own and be a success with Stern TV.”

Günther Jauch, presenter of Stern TV and his successor Steffen Hallaschka (From left to right)

DCTP’s Alexander Kluge comments: “DCTP welcomes the decision, jointly arrived at with the programme’s producer I&U after a careful review, of appointing Steffen Hallaschka as Günther Jauch’s successor. In his years with the programme, Jauch demonstrated that programmes by independent third parties can both enhance diversity and provide a valuable complement and benefit for the main channel, RTL Television. DCTP is confident that Hallaschka will successfully continue on this course.”

Anke Schäferkordt, CEO of RTL Television, says: “The producer’s proposal meets with our approval, Steffen Hallaschka is RTL Television’s first choice as well. His work to date has prepared him well for holding interviews and getting to the heart of issues affecting consumers. Not only is he likable, he is above all authentic and keeps viewers on board even and especially when the issues are complex. We look forward to having Steffen on board as a new face in RTL Television’s programming.”

Stern TV first went on the air in 1990 on RTL Television. In 2010, the show has averaged 2.91 million viewers, or 18.3 per cent of the 14- to 49-year-old viewer market. Stern TV is one of the independent programmes shown under the DCTP license (Alexander Kluge and others) as “programming by independent third parties” in accordance with the regulations of the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (interstate broadcasting treaty) to ensure diversity.

21 October 2010 - RTL Television, Germany