Best March since 1998 RTL Nederland’s channels together scored an audience share of 35.2 per cent among viewers aged 20 to 49 in March 2012, up 5 per cent year on year and 8 per cent on the month of February 2012.
RTL Nederland is the Dutch market leader on five of the seven days in a week. Its best ratings are on Friday evenings, when the audience share averages 41.8 per cent. In fact, its Friday audience share among women aged 20 to 49 is 46.4 per cent.

RTL 4 is setting one new record after another. In March, the Dutch market leader scored a market share of 21.7 per cent in its target demographic of 20 to 49 year-old shoppers. This represents a 20 per cent surge over its ratings for March 2011, when it reached 18.0 per cent of viewers in this demographic. For RTL 4, these are the best March values since 2004. Ratings drivers included the finale of The Voice Kids, which attracted 2.8 million viewers. Moordvrouw was watched by 35.7 per cent of viewers, while Holland’s Got Talent had its best season start to date, with as many as 2.2 million viewers and an audience share of 35.2 per cent in its target demographic.

RTL 5 also saw strong year-on-year growth. Its average audience share of 7.5 per cent in its target 20- to 34-year-old demographic represents an 11 per cent increase over the March 2011 ratings. Especially popular: the reality series Barbie’s Bruiloft, which attracted 22.6 per cent of the target audience on Tuesday evenings.

The men’s channel RTL 7 once again reported record ratings, and scored its highest market shares among 20- to 49-year-old male viewers since the channel was launched in 2005: its average market share in this demographic for the month of March 2012 was 9 per cent. Once again, the Europa League broadcasts were among its most popular programmes.

The women’s channel RTL 8 reached an average 2.4 per cent of 20- to 49-year-old female viewers in March 2012. Last month’s audience favourites were De Pfaffs, Dr. Phil and House MD.

The group’s digital channels RTL Crime and RTL Lounge also were popular with viewers: RTL Crime now reaches 1.2 million viewers over the age of 6, putting it at Number 18 in the ranking of all digital channels in the Netherlands. In its 20- to 49-year-old target group, the channel is Number 15, with a viewership of 627,700. RTL Lounge also reaches 1.2 million viewers, putting it at Number 15 in the overall ranking of Dutch digital channels. Among women above the age of 13, the channel attracted 631,800 viewers, putting it at Number 9 for this demographic.

6 April 2012 - RTL Nederland, The Netherlands