Gays_of_our_Lives_teaser One-of-a-kind fan meet A number of actors who play homosexuals on TV met with their international fans in New York under the heading ‘Gays of our Lives’.
The actors who play homosexual leads in the German daily soaps Alles was zählt, Gute Zeiten – Schlechte Zeiten and Verbotene Liebe, have achieved worldwide fame thanks to subtitled videos on Youtube (“Eskimo Kiss Project”). Some 80 – mostly female – fans from all over the world, including from Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, the US and Germany, had travelled to New York for three days to meet their stars.

From left to right: Igor Dolgatschew (Alles was zählt), Gregory Michael (Dante's Cove), Hal Sparks (Queer as Folk), Dennis Grabosch (Alles was zählt), Felix Isenbügel (Gute Zeite - Schlechte Zeiten), Thore Schölermann (Verbotene Liebe), Jo Weil (Verbotene Liebe), Scott Evans (One Life to live)

As well as discussion forums, where the actors answered questions about their characters and series, there were parties attended by the stars and a charity auction of props and rare photographs. “We’re incredibly proud of the fact that our characters are such a big hit all over the world, and that fans are willing to make the effort and go to the expense of meeting us in New York,” said a happy Igor Dolgatschew of Alles was zählt, speaking for all the actors.

The trip to New York culminated in Dolgatschew’s shooting several scenes in New York. His character Deniz Öztürk has a model shoot on Times Square and goes for a run in Central Park, while – in the story – his lover Roman (Dennis Grabosch) stays behind in Germany and only speaks to him on the phone. The international Fans are seen as extras in the background.

This February, Grundy UFA announced that the story of the gay couple Christian and Olli in Verbotene Liebe had been sold to Aid + Abet– with a ‘First-Look’ option for Per Martin's production deal, HBO Films and HBO Entertainment.

13 April 2010 - Grundy UFA / RTL Television, Germany