Teaser M6 is also asserting itself in the digital domain To celebrate exceeding 25 billion downloads from its App Store, Apple unveiled a listing of the most frequently downloaded applications in France since 2008.
With almost 700,000 downloads, M6 for I-Pad emerged to be the most popular free application across all categories. M6’s app is also the most popular TV channel application among I-Phone users, having been downloaded more than 2 million times.

The app in question offers viewers not only live streaming of the channel M6, 24 hours a day, but also its catch-up service M6 Replay and M6 Bonus (comprising highlights and glimpses behind the scenes of programmes). The app has been available to I-Phone and I-Pod touch users since 29 September 2010 and to I-Pad users since 19 October 2010, and had already chalked up one major achievement by passing the landmark figure of 1 million downloads early in 2011.

At the Salon Buzzness Mobile trade fair in June 2011, M6 picked up two 2011 Mobile Awards. The M6 app for I-Phone and I-Pad users won in the category “Site – Media Application/Editors for Smartphones”, and The X Factor app for iPad and iPhone users won in the category “Global Mobile Campaign”.

7 March 2012 - M6 Web, France