Top Chef 2011 Logo A mouth-watering experience on M6 Just 15 days on the air, and Top Chef is already achieving excellent ratings. The TV show is also available on the I-Phone.
Broadcast on Mondays in prime time and presented by the dynamic Agathe Lecaron – a new recruit - and Stéphane Rotenberg, Season 2 of this culinary competition features 14 young chefs vying for the title of “Top Chef 2011”, which comes with a generous prize of EUR 100,000.

Stéphane Rotenberg and Agathe Lecaron host Top Chef

Judging by the excellent ratings of the first two shows, M6 viewers’ appetites are already whetted: on Monday 31 January, 2011, the show’s launch instantly drew 500,000 more viewers than the first show in Season 1. With 3.2 million viewers and an audience share of 22.2 per cent of viewers under 50, the channel ranked number one for the entire evening in this target market. The second episode, broadcast on Monday 7 February, 2011, gradually drew 200,000 more viewers than the previous Monday and, with an audience of 3.4 million, M6 ranked number one with viewers under 50 (24.3 per cent audience share) and was the number two channel with the entire viewing audience (15.9 per cent audience share).

The Top Chef jury: Christian Constant, Ghislaine Arabian, Thierry Marx and Jean-François Piège

Season 2 is distinguished by the high standard of its 14 contestants. Chef Ghislaine Arabian is enthusiastic: “This year is of a superb vintage,” she declared during a press conference for the programme’s launch. All the great chefs are standing ready: Thierry Marx, Christian Constant, Jean-François Piège and Ghislaine Arabian. Judging the contestants is the mission of these hard-to-please teachers. One must not, however, forget the favourite chef of the French, Cyril Lignac, who sees his role as more of a coach: “I wanted to be close to the contestants, as I am with the cooks on my own team,” he said. Sudden new developments and outlandish situations will surely be on the menu: “Is it convenient to cook over a wood fire?” asks Thierry Marx. “No, it isn’t. But a professional must be able to adapt.”

Cyril Lignac is the favourite chef of the French

This latest edition comes with new features, including a dedicated website that allows viewers to continue the culinary adventure on the Internet once the TV show is over. Another innovation is an I-Phone application developed by the fine pairing of M6 Web and Eclapstudio Mobile Entertainment, whose collaboration has produced a game called “Top Chef le jeu !” The principle: to prepare 35 recipes of increasing difficulty in the virtual kitchen of “Top Chef le jeu !”. It’s a game that requires rapidity, organisation, ingenuity and a cool head, just like the television show.

The programme is also broadcast on the same evenings on RTL-TVI, the Belgian sister station of M6.

Top Chef's season 2 teaser

9 February 2011 - M6 / RTL-TVI, France / Belgium