RTL Radio teaser France’s only number one radio station During the period from September to October 2012, RTL Radio in France boosted its ratings and established itself as the leader in all criteria, thus confirming the success of its new schedule. Music station RTL2 set a new all-time record for audiences. 
The ratings for radio stations in France published by Médiamétrie on 14 November (126,000 surveyed), showed an upward trend for RTL Radio. With 6,462,000 listeners, the radio station registered its best season debut in 10 years in terms of cumulative audience. In addition to this, RTL Radio’s ratings rose again – the station gained 33,000 new listeners in one year and 402,000 new listeners during the wave. The radio station also established its number one position in the criteria of market share, with 11.7 per cent, listening duration, with 2 hours 16 minutes per day, and in average quarter hour (AQH), with 771,000 listeners at all times.

Laurent Bazin

While the station proceeded for the first time in its history to simultaneously overhaul its three principal news slots, the first indicators are already green for the new programmes scheduled at the start of the season. In prime time, RTL Matin, the new morning show hosted by Laurent Bazin (7:00 to 9:00), returned to the number one spot and gained 355,000 listeners – a 10 per cent increase over one year. RTL Midi (12:30 to 14:00), hosted by Elisabeth Martichoux and Vincent Parizot, gained 54,000 listeners over one year. The major news session RTL Soir, hosted by Marc-Olivier Fogiel (18:00 to 20:00), gained 50,000 listeners over one year. Also worth mentioning is the performance of the morning programmes – both Ça peut vous arriver (9:30 to 11:00) with Julien Courbet and A la bonne heure (11:00 to 12:30) with Stéphane Bern gained new listeners over one year.

Marc-Olivier Fogiel

On the music station side, RTL2 – the station with the ‘pop-rock sound’, increased its ratings in all criteria, over one year as well as from one wave to the next, and also set a new record since its inception in 1992 with 2.6 million listeners in cumulative audience. The flagship programme Le Grand Morning increased its ratings by 4 per cent over one year and set a new record in cumulative audience with 1.3 million listeners.

In an increasingly competitive environment, Fun Radio has maintained its high level in terms of market share (3.9 per cent), thanks to the performances of Bruno dans la radio (7 percentage point increase in market share compared to the previous wave) and La libre antenne de Karel, which registered its best market share in nine years.

15 November 2012 - RTL Radio / Fun Radio / RTL2, France