Teaser The French have their say Starting on 24 March, leading up to the 2012 Presidential elections, RTL Radio takes to the roads of France to meet its citizens in a new column entitled 2007-2012 : Lettres à l’Elysée.
Five years ago, during the 2007 Presidential campaign, RTL Radio launched an initiative whereby a journalist criss-crossed France and asked ten citizens to write a letter to the future President. The letter was to include the measure that each person deemed most important, and for which they would await a reply from the country’s future head of state. From these ‘grievances’ was born the Lettres à l’Elysée radio column.

Five years later, the question now arises: did these citizens, of all ages and social backgrounds and professions, see their wishes fulfilled? And what do they wish this year? For the answer to these questions, journalist Dominique Tenza heads off to find the people who took part in the game in 2007, in order to gather their opinions.

For the first edition, Dominique Tenza found Régis, a homeless man living in the Vincennes forest. Asking for a roof over his head the last time around, he still does not have one: “I received a reply but I am on a waiting list. Council flats don’t grow on trees and I lost hope long ago. For the first time this year I will go vote,” says Régis.

2007-2012 : Lettres à l’Elysée, every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 to 10:00 until 22 April on RTL Radio. 

27 March 2012 - RTL Radio, France