environmindday2010_teaser Focus on alternative means of transport On 1 June, RTL Group held its third environmental day on eco-mobility.
EnvironMINDdays are now an integral part of the corporate culture at RTL Group. The initiative, running for the third consecutive year, encourages employees to address environmental issues and helps everyone to understand how they can reduce their environmental impact in real terms, both at work and in their own personal lives.

The third environMINDday was officially opened at 11:30am by Elmar Heggen, Chief Financial Officer and Head of the RTL Group Corporate Centre, in the presence of Mr Claude Wiseler, the Luxembourg Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. Mr Heggen said: "For this third environmental day, we have chosen the theme of mobility. We have a wide range of alternative means of transport (not yet on the market) available to test drive, including Segways, bikes, electric scooters and hybrid, electric or even hydrogen cars. Everyone can do more to protect the environment if they're so inclined ".

Elmar Heggen, Chief Financial Officer and Head of the RTL Group Corporate Centre

Elmar Heggen went on to present a number of tools designed to help employees in Luxembourg become more responsible in terms of mobility. On the company's intranet site, a page was set up to provide information on carpooling. RTL Group also sounded out employees, especially cross-border commuters, about their interest in the reduced annual public transport tariffs offered by the M-Pass. Finally, given the increasingly crucial role played by cycling in mobility, RTL Group has provided three electric bikes to help employees scale the city's many hills.

The Chief Financial Officer of RTL Group was also especially pleased to learn that "other RTL Group subsidiaries" in London (FremantleMedia and Five), Paris (RTL Radio France), Berlin (RTL Radio Deutschland), Hilversum (RTL Nederland) and Brussels (RTL Belgium) had "joined the initiative and organised their own environmental awareness days".

Mr Claude Wiseler, the Luxembourg Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure

In his speech, Minister Claude Wiseler thanked RTL Group for inviting him to the eco-mobility day. "Above all else, mobility is a great freedom that allows us to travel, to get around and to discover new horizons" he said. However, he added that "pressing mobility needs" were "leading to congestion on the roads". The Minister continued to outline investment plans and government priorities with regard both to public transport and more environmentally friendly mobility options, concluding that "everything must be done to avoid restricting the freedom afforded by mobility".

Following the opening ceremony, employees were free to explore the eco-mobility exhibition and to discover and test-drive a whole host of more environmentally-friendly vehicles from electric cars to bikes (with or without electric motors), motorbikes and electric scooters.

The programme for the third environMINDday also included the Bike To Work initiative, whereby ten or so employees travelled to the Kirchberg site from a joint meeting place at Glacis. A Car-Free Day competition was also held to encourage employees to leave their cars at home and opt for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport (bike, train, bus or car-share). The competition was held between departments and the three teams which opted for the most environmentally friendly mode of transport each received a prize.

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2 June 2010 - RTL Group, Luxembourg