M6 available in Preplay M6 Publicité, Orange and Havas Cross Media have come up with a new cross-media operation. For the very first time, programmes will be available before their television broadcast.
This exclusive content can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer through a dedicated website: M6.fr/preplay-orange. The site, sporting the colours of Orange, offers exclusive scenes and content as well as short videos produced on demand from Internet users through M6’s official Facebook account. This campaign was set up to mirror Orange’s “Vivement Noël” Christmas campaign.

A major communications operation has been launched on television on M6 and on its digital media. TV adverts are interactive and benefit from new “synchronisation placement”. When the advert goes on the air, the interactive feature, posted in real time on the second screen through the M6 application (smartphone and tablet), allows viewers to navigate easily to the exclusive content on the Preplay website.


 Screenshot of the M6.fr/preplay-orange website

You will find the campaign on M6.fr/preplay-orange as of today and until 1 December 2012.

20 November 2012 - M6 Publicité, France