Les Princes de L’Amour to become the kings of access prime time on W9? Airing on W9 since 6 January 2014, Les Princes de L’Amour, featuring six princes in search of their princess, is charming audiences in ever increasing numbers since its modest debut.Thanks to this new reality TV series, W9 is by far the number one channel in France with viewers under 25 in access prime time. 
After three weeks on the air, the programme that has taken over the time slot left by Les Ch’tis, ending another excellent season, has seen its audience grow by 85 per cent since its launch. The new episode that aired on 23 January 2014 was seen by 800,000 viewers on average and peaked at 1 million viewers – its best result yet.


 Les Princes de L’Amour

With this score, Les Princes de L’Amour achieved its highest rating with housewives under 50, with a 7.5 per cent audience share. It was also the number one channel in France with viewers under 25, with a 19 per cent audience share. The episode the aired the day before this also achieved excellent ratings, scoring a 70 per cent increase and captivating 715,000 fans.

Will Les Princes experience the same meteoric ascent as Les Ch’tis? Les Princes de L’Amour, every day on W9 at 17:35. 

27 January 2014 - W9, France