Press Your Luck makes a comeback on Facebook Ludia and FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) have just launched a Press Your Luck Game which is now available on Facebook.
Based on the classic ‘80s television game show, players across North America can now enjoy a live multiplayer Press Your Luck experience with friends, family and the larger Facebook community. Ten contestants simultaneously compete to answer eight questions, each one having a different monetary value randomly ranging from $200 to $800, and one being the iconic Whammy instead of money. The Whammies add a fun twist to the game; players can go from being the top player to having no money in a matter of seconds. The top three players of the first round go to the second round, which consists of the ‘Big Board’ filled with spins and Whammies.

“Ludia is excited to release yet another top game show featuring multi-player, simultaneous game play on Facebook – a formula that has proven to be very addictive for players and very successful for Ludia,” says Alex Thabet, Founder and CEO of Ludia Inc. “The Press Your Luck game stars the iconic Whammy who is now more mischievous than ever, and will ensure to bring hours of humorous fun to players across North America.”


 Press Your Luck Game on Facebook

“FME is proud to partner with Ludia to bring the classic television game show, Press Your Luck, to Facebook,” says Nicholas Dale, Senior Manager of Interactive & Mobile, at FremantleMedia Enterprises, “Our new social game is sure to appeal to ardent Press Your Luck fans and excite new generations as they attempt to outsmart the iconic ‘Whammy’.”

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21 March 2012 - Ludia/ FremantleMedia Enterprises, North America