More than EUR 1,000,000 for the victims of the Haiti earthquake In just three hours, fundraising special Ayuda a Haití, aired during the Tal cual lo contamos timeslot, brought in more than EUR 600,000 on Friday evening.
On Friday, Grupo Antena 3 (Antena 3, Onda Cero and Europa FM) launched the Ayuda a Haití campaign to help the victims of the earthquake, and it has already collected over EUR 1,000,000 from text messages since the text messaging service was opened at 16:00 on Friday. On top of this, money has been coming in from thousands of phone calls from companies and individuals making all kinds of financial donations. Contributions are also being made directly to the Red Cross, the organisation to which Antena 3 began redirecting calls just a few hours after the earthquake. All of the money collected from text messages and phone calls will go to the Red Cross.

In as little as three hours, the fundraising special aired in the Tal cual lo contamos timeslot, with Cristina Lasvignes and Óscar Martínez, raised over EUR 600,000.

However, lines remained open for the rest of the afternoon and evening, right into the early hours of the morning, due to high demand from viewers wishing to help the earthquake victims. If you wish to donate, you can call the following number: +34 902 115 046 or send a text message with AYUDA to 28000.

For more information on donation calls by RTL Group companies, please click here.

18 January 2010 - Grupo Antena 3, Spain