N-TV boosts its ratings with Obama coverage On 20 January, the news channel reported all day from Washington on the festivities surrounding the inauguration of the 44th President of the US. Just one day later, N-TV presented its new mobile portal.
On 20 January, N-TV scored a strong daily market share of 1.4 per cent among adults over the age of 14 years. Its market share among viewers 14 to 49 was 1.3 per cent. This put N-TV well above the channel’s average of 0.9 per cent for 2008 in both demographics. In the broadcasting slot between 20:00 and 24:00, the market share in both target groups reached 1.6 per cent. As many as 720,000 adults 14 and older watched the big parade through Washington live on N-TV. In all, on 20 January over 7 million viewers in this demographic tuned in to N-TV.

On 21 January N-TV presented its new mobile portal to the public: it offers even more news and topics. A clear structuring into sections makes the site easier for visitors to use and move around in. In addition to the established sections, N-TV Mobil now offers weather news as well as the latest information from the “Automotive” and “Digital” sectors. The news automatically adapt to the user’s display.

N-TV COO Julian Weiss says: “As a newscaster, we want to present our content to viewers and users in the best form for them. For mobile users, this means breaking, compact news, clearly structured, for reading while on the go and between appointments. By expanding our offering and introducing a more user-friendly design, we’ve set the cornerstone for further growth in the mobile sector.”

N-TV’s mobile site already gets as many as half a million views per month, and clearly reaches its target audience: its typical user is male, 40 years old, is an above-average earner and is mainly interested in business news and politics. That is the result of a recent survey carried out by N-TV’s marketing agent IP Deutschland. 62 per cent of respondents visit Mobil.n-tv.de every day, 22 per cent several times a week. More than two thirds hold an Abitur or university degree.

Further information is available from: www.n-tv.de/mobil

22 January 2009 - N-TV, Germany