Teaser A huge stage for the little ones On the heels of Deutschland sucht den Superstar’s success, now RTL Television presents DSDS Kids, the original for children aged 14 and under – with Michelle Hunziker, Dana Schweiger and Dieter Bohlen as judges, the new show will air Saturday 5 May from 20:15.
DSDS Kids gives kids with a great voice a unique stage and opportunity to prove their vocal prowess. But unlike with the original for adults, there will be no audition shows; RTL Television will air four entertaining prime time shows with a focus on emotions and fun. The children’s performances are recorded in advance.

“Together, Michelle, Dana and I have a total of 10 children of our own – what jury can claim that?! I believe we are very well qualified and prepared for DSDS Kids,” so Dieter Bohlen.

Dana Schweiger

In each of the first three shows, 10 talented children will perform on the large stage. The judges will give the youngsters child-friendly, empathetic feedback. But only the viewers decide, with their phone-in votes, which of their favourites will make it to the grand finale. In the final show, the 10 children with the most votes perform again and the viewers determine which of the DSDS Kids finalists walks away with a scholarship for the future and a purse that will allow the winner to make a wish come true for their school and fellow students. 

Michelle Hunziker

Children and parents are evidently already very excited about DSDS Kids: more than 20,000 applications have been received since the call for applications went out at the beginning of March. Youngsters with a great voice have until 31 March to apply to be a contestant on DSDS Kids at RTL.de – or, rather, their parents can do so for them. DSDS Kids is produced by Grundy Light Entertainment.

30 March 2012 - RTL Television, Germany