Ben Saunders, The Voice Of Holland, Teaser, RTL 4 And the voice of Holland is... Ben Saunders Leading the public's votes throughout the final on the evening of 21 January, Ben Saunders beat competition from the three remaining contestants to become the first winner of The Voice of Holland.
This was the final most Dutch people were impatiently waiting for since the start last summer of the Netherland's most watched talent show, The Voice of Holland. On Friday 21 January the wait was finally over and the viewers were spoiled with the best the country had to offer in terms of vocal talents.
The four remaining finalists Kim de Boer, Ben Saunders, Leonie Meijer and Pearl Jozefzoon battle it out during this last show in a bid to convince viewers that they are the new voice of Holland. Ultimately, Ben prevailed and secured the recording contract that came with the victory.

London born Ben Saunders was clearly leading the polls throughout the different stages of the three-and-a-half hour final, never really been threathened by any of the other hopefuls. He won the final over Pearl Jozefoon with 59 per cent of the votes, while Kim de Boer and Leonie Meijer who were eliminated at earlier stages came third and fourth repectively.

Ben Saunders

When Ben was announced as the winner, he was over the moon stating that he didn't imagine this to be possible but he made it and is delighted. His brother Dean, who is one of the two finalists on another Dutch talent show, broadcast on Saturday 22 January was touched by his younger brother's victory. They have both been signing as a duo since their young teenage years and even managed to win some singing competitions back then.

All of the participants performed two songs in the first phase of the final, among which a duet with renowned artists such as Duffy or Adele. Tatoo Ben, as he is nicknamed because of his countless tatoos, sang his number one single, his rendition of If you don't know me by now and duetted with Welsh singer Duffy on her Warwick Avenue. The duet was praised by the jury and later Duffy commented on their performance: "He actually lead me, like a real gentleman. He's the legend among us, he commanded the stage."

This first edition of The Voice of Holland broke a series of records. An average of 2.7 million people watched the show every Friday since its launch while the final attracted 3,744,000 viewers and the results show broadcast half an hour later saw 3,238,000 tune in to watch the 27 year old's victory.These are the highest figure ever for a Dutch talent show. The Voice of Holland created such a buzz that it is being adapted in other countries like the US, France and the UK with Robbie Williams rumoured to be on the judging panel in Britain.

This is the first show in the world where online and offline tools were used so extensively, largely contributing to the success of the show. Radio, social networks such Hyves, Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube, I-Tunes and of course the show's own website were all used to provide fans with the latest news, developments, videos, singles and gossip. In total 30 of the show's singles reached the Top 100 download charts. Here again Ben prevailed with 2 of his singles peaking at number one; being the first Dutch artist to do so.

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24 January 2011 - RTL 4, Netherlands