Internet and television combined RTL-TVI, Club RTL and Plug RTL are now also available on the tablet. As of 5 March, Internet users have “second-screen” applications to accompany their favourite programmes.
According to RTL Newmedia Director Jean-Jacques Deleeuw,  “More and more people are watching TV while surfing on their computer, smartphone or tablet to make comments or search for content.”

It is on the basis of this report that the “second screen” applications of RTL Belgium were developed with the objective of offering viewers the chance to interact in real time to the programming of the three television channels via their smartphone or digital tablet.


 Screenshot of the RTL-TVI app

From the homepage, Internet users get information about the programme that is currently being shown. The I-Pad and television are thus perfectly synchronised. By clicking on the programme’s window, users access an interface exclusively dedicated to the programme and in which they can find very specific content (biographies of the contestants on a programme, quizzes, contests). An integrated chat room also allows them to interact with other users and even to locate them.

“There are obviously a few exclusive features for the users of this application who will, in some cases, be able to help choose or direct the content of the programme through voting, for example,” says the director of RTL Belgium’s digital entity.

Jean-Jacques Deleeuw explaining the new app (in French)

In a more general way, Internet users can also consult the programme schedules as well as numerous videos of programmes.

Available initially through the I-Pad AppStore, the “second-screen” applications of RTL Belgium’s channels will subsequently be available through the I-Phone AppStore and Android Market.

“The television screen is bringing the family together in the living room once again,” concludes Jean-Jacques Deleeuw. “Thanks to Wi-Fi, it is no longer necessary to isolate oneself in the bedroom or office to consult the Internet. The main screen is collective. The second is personalised.”

7 March 2012 - RTL Newmedia, Belgium