der kalte himmel teaser Teamworx productions to kick off the year On 6 January, two Teamworx productions will be seen on German TV: Go West – Freiheit um jeden Preis (Freedom At All Costs) and Vatican. Earlier, the two-part miniseries Der kalte Himmel (The Cold Sky) had already generated good ratings.
On 3 January, Part I of the drama in which Christine Neubauer plays a gutsy mother struggling to protect her autistic son’s happiness in the 1960s, reached some 5.16 million viewers for a total market share of 14.3 per cent. By Part II, its following had grown by a good 2 million viewers, as 7.13 million viewers tuned in to watch on 4 January, for a total market share of 20.1 per cent. This made it the day’s most-watched programme.

The next two Teamworx productions will follow on 6 January. Pro Sieben presents Go West – Freiheit um jeden Preis, a riveting drama about dreams, courage and betrayal. It tells the story of three friends whose escape from the GDR turns into a merciless pursuit and tests their friendship sorely. The two-part miniseries will be broadcast on Pro Sieben at 20:15 on 6 January and 7 January.

Go West

Vatican will also air on 6 January: starting at 21:45, the feature-length report explores the mysteries of the Vatican. This visually stunning documentary, complete with unusual and sometimes exclusive peeks behind the scenes at the Vatican, is presented by ARD.

In the teaser picture: a scene taken from Der kalte Himmel

6 January 2011 - Teamworx, Germany