The Dutch TV market in January Market leader RTL Nederland achieved a combined audience share of 32.9 per cent with its family of channels in the target group of viewers aged 20 to 49, while the public-service broadcaster attracted 26.3 per cent of viewers, and the SBS group 20.3 per cent.
RTL 4 remains the most-watched channel among the key demographic of shoppers aged 20 to 49 with an audience share of 21.3 per cent. Competitors Nederland 1 and SBS6 scored 14 per cent (15.7 in January 2012) and 8 per cent (9.6 per cent in January 2012) respectively. The top three most-watched programmes on RTL 4 were, The Voice Kids (nearly 2.7 million viewers), Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (2.1 million) and All You Need Is Love (1.9 million).

Some of the participants of The Voice Kids

The new Monday evening line-up was a success. Ontvoerd attracted 1.7 million viewers and Divorce did even better with 1.9 million viewers. The news programmes also did well in January. The 19:30 edition of RTL Nieuws was watched by 1.8 million viewers on 21 January, RTL Boulevard attracted 1.5 million viewers on 2 January, and 1.3 million people tuned in for Editie NL on 7 January. The other weekend programmes were also a hit with the audience, such as De TV Kantine (1.7 million viewers) in its new access prime time slot on Saturday, and the new season of Moordvrouw (1.6 million viewers). Finally, the most-watched movie on the channel was Gooische Vrouwen with 1.7 million viewers –29.6 per cent of the key target group.

Robert ten Brink hosts All You Need is Love

In January 2013 RTL 5 achieved an audience share of 5.2 per cent in the target group of viewers aged 20 to 34. Wie is de Reisleider kicked off on 8 January with 317,000 viewers and scored its best ratings on 22 January with an 8.9 per cent share. In access prime time, the new programme 16 en Zwanger also did well with an audience share of 5.8 per cent on 31 January. The most-watched film on RTL 5 was Bounty Hunter which attracted 673,000 viewers and Definitely Maybe with 473,000 viewers.

The men’s channel RTL 7 scored an audience share of 7.7 per cent in its key target group of men aged 20 to 49 (7.2 per cent in January 2012). The most-watched programme was the final of the WK Darts Championship on 1 January, which attracted 1.7 million viewers – an audience share of 25.5 per cent in the key target group. The second best was Voetbal International with 865,000 fans and a 20.2 per cent audience share. The month’s top films on RTL 7 were War (635,000 viewers) and The Day The Earth Stood Still with a 13.9 per cent audience share in the main target group).

The women’s channel RTL 8 reached 2.6 per cent of female viewers aged 20 to 49, its key target group. In January the channel broadcast films six evenings a week. The most-watched movie was Pride & Prejudice with an audience share of 7.2 per cent. The CSI evenings on Sundays also did well, peaking at 6.3 per cent audience share for CSI: New York and 4.8 per cent for Crime Scene Investigation. Sex & the City also made its debut on the channel and peaked at 6.3 per cent of the audience on 28 January.

Chuttington - a children's favourite broadcast on RTL Telekids

The children’s channel RTL Telekids scored 9.9 per cent of its main target group of children aged 3 to 8, up from the previous month (9.6 per cent) and a 40 per cent increase over January 2012 (7 per cent).

The digital channel RTL Crime had a reach of nearly 1 million viewers in its target group of viewers aged 6 and older, and reached 545,000 viewers in the 20 to 49 age group. Meanwhile, RTL Lounge reached 1.5 million viewers (total audience) and 706,000 people in its key target group of female viewers aged 13 and older.

5 February 2013 - RTL Nederland, The Netherlands