The format that ran first on Fuji TV in Japan sees two teams of three competing against each other to make their bodies fit into a series of different holes in a wall as it speeds towards them. It might sound simple, but it’s much harder than it looks. To get through to the next round, contestants must strike the right pose and fit through the holes as the wall speeds towards them. The winners end up with a cash prize, the losers are pushed into a pool of water. In many adaptations there are celebrities trying to force themselves through the various holes in a wall. But for the celebrities taking part it’s not the fear of ruining their hair and make-up in the water that scares them most; it’s having to do it while wearing a very tight shiny lycra all-in-one number.

Hole is the Wall is a Fuji TV format distributed by FremantleMedia. In less than a year, the format has sold to 22 countries. In Asia (its home territory), it is in its second series for Indonesia and commissioned in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.  In Europe, the format has been sold to Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the UK.  In the Americas, it has sold to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and the USA.

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