Idols is the biggest search for a solo pop superstar ever. It’s the show that gives the public the unique opportunity to launch the career of the next pop idol. And only one hopeful candidate will make it through to achieve stardom. A judging panel of the most successful record producers and performers whittle down the hopefuls before the public voting begins.

Now the viewers decide. Who goes through to the next stage to battle for pop supremacy? Ten lucky finalists will be selected to spend a week with the music industry’s most respected star-makers to perfect their act. By live performance and public vote, they are then voted off the show one by one, until only two hopefuls remain and the real nail-biting contest is on.

The two finalists now have just one week to win the public’s affection and score their votes. Celebrities give endorsements and there are daily opinion poles as the two contestants run the media gauntlet in a presidential style campaign. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they are given a song to rehearse, written by a leading international songwriter. They have just seven days to perfect their rendition before performing the song live to the nation. It’s all over to you. The Nation decides!

It’s the ultimate prize. The winner will be the best known star in the country with a record contract, imminent single release and a sure fire shot to No.1! They fulfil a dream and become the Nation’s pop “Idol”.

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