Since its first appearance on screen in June 2006, Got Talent has achieved tremendous successes all around the globe. Magicians, jugglers, strippers, fire eaters, singers, dancers - anything goes. All entertainers are given the chance to win the hearts of a nation.

Performers take centre stage for the “open auditions” of a lifetime but have only a precious few seconds to impress the hardened panel of judges. They hold the power at the press of a button. Three Xs and the star-turn is stopped. The party is over and they’re off before the curtain falls! They may not always agree but the judges’ decision is final! If the judges give the thumbs up, they move on to the next round. In the semi-finals, expectations are higher, the criticism harsher, some will taste success, others will fall by the wayside. Thousands of performers, three hardened judges, a discerning nation and one chance to make an impression. In the grand finale the lucky finalists have one last chance to make it big. But there can only be one winner.

Got Talent is a global ratings phenomenon that captivates audiences around the world with adaptations across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The launch of Afghanistan’s Got Talent on 1TV Media in 2013 rounded the number of local Got Talent formats off at 55. The announcement followed the previous launches of Brazil’s Got Talent on Rede Record and Kazakhstan’s Got Talent on Kazakhstan 1 earlier in 2013. 

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