Shareholding structure

(1) Excluding 0.76% which is held collectively as treasury stock by RTL Group and one of its subsidiaries
(2) as of 2 October 2013.

Please note that there is no obligation for a shareholder to inform the Company of any transfer of bearer shares save for the obligations provided by the Luxembourg law of 15 January 2008 on transparency requirements in relation to information about issuers who securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market. Accordingly the Company shall not be liable for the accuracy or completeness of the information shown above.

Stock quotes
RTL Group Frankfurt 73.2 EUR
RTL Group Bruxelles 73.1 EUR
RTL Group Luxembourg 72.0 EUR

M6 Paris 12.9 EUR
Atresmedia Madrid 12.1 EUR
Investors Relations contact


Andrew Buckhurst
Senior Vice President
Investor Relations
T: + 352 2486-5074
F: + 352 2486-2750

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