Speak up procedures

At RTL Group, you will always find an open door if you need advice, report concerns or want to provide suggestions for improving compliance procedures.

Many concerns about workplace conduct can be resolved by raising them constructively with the persons directly involved or by seeking assistance from local contact persons. Other issues, such as illegal business practices, might be better addressed with somebody outside your local environment.

Discuss locally

Your local HR department, your local ethics and compliance responsible or, if applicable, your employee representatives are available for your questions and concerns.

Contact the Corporate Centre

The Compliance department (Cologne) will be available to assist compliance@rtlgroup.com
Tel. +49 221 456 56620

Use the internet-based system

It is available in multiple languages. This reporting tool has been outsourced to a third party supplier, Business Keeper Systems AG, who ensures complete confidentiality and security. Only the RTL Group compliance team has access to the system and may be able to discuss with the reporter via a secure postbox.

The BKMS websites can be found at :

For English speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.reportconcerns.com/
For German speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.hinweisgeben.de/
For French speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.alerteenligne.com/
For Dutch speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.meldingmaken.com/
For Spanish speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.indicarduda.com/
For Portuguese speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.comunicarduvidas.com/
For Italian speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.segnalairregolarita.com/
For Hungarian speakers: http://www.rtlgroup.reportconcerns.com/magyar

Contact an external ombudsperson

E-mail: ombuds@discussconcerns.com

The Ombudsperson is a neutral, independent person whom employees can trust and turn to when they need to confidentially seek advice or guidance on how to surface and resolve a concern regarding compliance violations at the company.

Only upon the explicit request by the employee can the Ombudsperson pass on the employee’s concern directly to the Compliance team. The employee can, for example, ask the Ombudsperson to pass on the content of his conversation with the Ombudsperson without disclosing the employee’s identity.

How can I contact the Ombudsperson?

There are two Ombudspersons, one located in Germany and another located in the United States. All Ombudspersons speak English as well as German for the Ombudsperson located in Germany, and English and Spanish for the Ombudsperson located in the United States. You may communicate in writing in any language.

Ombudsperson for Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia (located in Germany)
Tel. +49 (0) 32-211 11 23 39
Toll-free: 0800-664 78 79 (from Germany only)

Ombudsperson for North and South America (located in the USA)
Tel. +1 646-981-07 53
Toll-free: 877-278-03 03 (from USA only)

Meet the ombudspersons

  • Meet Annette Parsch - EN

  • Meet Annette Parsch - DE