Statement from the CEO

To operate successfully in a rapidly changing market environment, driven by new technologies and the emergence of global platforms, we have defined three priorities centered around creativity, talent and video-on-demand. Corporate responsibility is vital to our success in all three areas.


Creativity starts with our culture. A culture where our managers and employees have the freedom to create. Which encourages us to take risks, experiment, challenge convention and learn from our mistakes. We are committed to freedom of expression and thought, ensuring journalistic and editorial independence and maintaining the highest editorial standards.


Talent and talent development are the foundation of our businesses. We aim to be an employer and partner of choice for journalists, actors, writers and producers, data scientists, tech engineers, digital sales experts and general managers. We recruit people from a wide variety of backgrounds – we empower them, invest in their capabilities and enable them to fulfill their potential.


The global video-on-demand market is crowded. Our approach is not to imitate the global players, but to become the local number one in our main television markets. We are local experts in linear television and have been for many years – we will build on this expertise and strength as we continue to grow our video-on-demand offers. We already have over one million subscribers paying for our streaming services in Germany and the Netherlands.

One common theme of these three priorities is our responsibility as an information provider. We know that millions of people rely on us for accurate, impartial news and reporting as well as quality entertainment. Responsibility is part of the way we do business every day: CR – the RTL way.

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