RTL Group’s dividend policy, which was updated in August 2019, now states that the Group will pay out at least 80 per cent of the adjusted full year net result.

The adjusted net result is the reported net result available to RTL Group shareholders, adjusted for significant one-off items (both positive and negative). The Group reports its adjusted net result at the time of its full-year results announcement.


Dividend Payment Schedule

Coupon Nr

Payment Date

Gross Amount per share (in €)


21 7 May 2014 4.50

 4 September 2014

23 23 April 2015 3.50
24 10 September 2015 1.00
25 28 April 2016 3.00
26 8 September 2016 1.00
27 27 April 2017 3.00
28 7 September 2017 1.00
29 26 April 2018 3.00
- 6 September 2018 1.00
- 7 May 2019 3.00


A Luxembourg withholding tax of 15%1  is applied on the gross dividend amount paid to RTL Group shareholders. However an exemption from withholding tax at source may apply under the provisions of Article 147 of the Luxembourg Income Tax law (LIR).

1 such 15% withholding tax may be reduced by relevant double tax treaties entered into between Luxembourg and the country of residence of RTL Group shareholders, if applicable.


On 2 April 2020, following the spread of the coronavirus, the preservation of liquidity became an essential precaution to safeguard the Group’s present operations and future prospects. RTL Group’s Board of Directors has therefore decided to withdraw its proposed €4.00 per share dividend in respect of the fiscal year 2019. Consequently, no dividend was proposed to the Annual Meeting of Shareholders and no dividend will be paid for the fiscal year 2019.


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