Dynamic presence at VidCon

27.07.2015, North America, BroadbandTV

In addition to Guillaume de Posch’s fireside chat on VidCon, both of RTL Group’s multi-channel networks (MCNs) BroadbandTV and StyleHaul had a dynamic presence at the ‘must-attend’ online video event.

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On 23 July 2015, BroadbandTV Founder and CEO Shahrzad Rafati conducted a fireside chat with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Wojcicki shared her insights on the future of the platform as YouTube celebrates its tenth birthday. Shahrzad Rafati asked the YouTube CEO a number of hard-hitting questions that are on the minds of many creators, brands and YouTube partners: immersive entertainment, mobile, cost per thousand impression (CPMs), revenue diversification, discovery on the platform, competition, product pipeline, tackling challenges, and content quality.

BroadbandTV Founder and CEO Shahrzad Rafati conducted a fireside chat
with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

Following Wojcicki's keynote speech, in which she said that 400 hours of content are uploaded onto YouTube every minute, Shahrzad Rafati asked: “If I’m an aspiring creator, what does that mean for me? Is it even possible for me to get discovered on YouTube?” Wojcicki replied: “You're an expert in helping people discover content! We're currently seeing the most growth from our emerging partners, and we’re seeing huge overall growth on the platform.” Among other questions, Shahrzad also asked her about content quality: “Does it continue to be a topic of concern with advertisers? How will content quality on digital platforms evolve from here?” Wojcicki answered: “Companies like yours are investing in the space to create brilliant content and make the connections between creators and their fans even stronger.”

On the same day, Stephanie Horbaczewski, Founder and CEO of StyleHaul, participated in a VidCon panel entitled ‘Mergers/Acquisitions – What is the World Like Today?’ Moderated by Brent Weinstein, Partner and Head of Digital Media United Talent Agency, Horbaczewski and the other panellists – Seung Bak, Co-Founder of DramaFever, Brett Bouttier, President of AwesomenessTV and Sarah Harden, EVP Strategy and Investments at Otter Media – talked about what it takes to build and prepare a company for a potential acquisition, and what big companies are looking for in video companies. The session provided hands-on tips, tricks and proven strategies to help companies position themselves for investment and acquisition down the road.

Stephanie Horbaczewski, Founder and CEO of StyleHaul, participating in a VidCon panel
entitled ‘Mergers/Acquisitions – What is the World Like Today?’

Speaking about StyleHaul’s acquisition by RTL Group, Horbaczewski said: “We spent two years getting to know RTL deeply and the acquisition allowed us to do so much more than we could ever do alone.” Regarding StyleHaul’s focus on style-related topics, she added: “We are extremely focused on the style category. For us, the question of scale was not about competing with larger networks, but whether we dominated this category. We do a billon and a half views in this category alone." Addressing StyleHaul’s commitment to investing in content creators, she underlined: “You can never invest enough in content and creators. We've been investing in talent since we started.”