Jacques Navadic passed away

06.08.2015, Luxembourg, RTL Group

It is with great sadness that RTL Group has learned of the death of the first Editor-in-Chief of Télé Luxembourg. Jacques Navadic passed away during the night of 3/4 August aged 95 in Nice.

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Together with Robert Diligent, who died 18 months ago, also in Nice, Jacques Navadic formed the emblematic duo at the historic francophone channel launched in 1955, Télé Luxembourg. They created, developed and presented the evening news from September 1955 onwards, initially from the Dudelange broadcasting centre studios. As one of the main contributors to the channel’s popularity, focussing in particular on getting close to the viewer, Jacques Navadic played an active role in the development of Télé Luxembourg (which subsequently became RTL Télévision) until the end of the 1980s; as Director of News, Artistic Director, Director of Programming or as adviser to the senior management of CLT. Jacques Navadic also launched the careers of a number of female presenters who became extremely popular such as Marylène Bergmann and Michèle Etzel.

The first news show of Télé-Luxembourg in Dudelange

Before moving to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Jacques Navadic, with a Diploma in Journalism, first became a comedian and then helped to set up Télé Lille in his native Lille, thus establishing the first regional channel on French television. There he was already in contact with Robert Diligent and Thérèse Leduc who were to accompany him on the adventure of Télé Luxembourg which he wrote about in two books entitled Télé Luxembourg a vingt ans (1975) and RTL Télévision, c’est nous! (1985).

In many ways, Jacques Navadic was the symbol of Télé Luxembourg and RTL Télévision.

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