Expanding its global footprint

09.01.2017, North America, BroadbandTV

BroadbandTV (BBTV) has announced that it further boosting its market leading position by launching in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. 

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Currently, BBTV actively operates in seven languages and 23 countries. According to the press release of BBTV, the company continues to be the leading multi-platform network (MPN) in all English-speaking, Hispanic and Portuguese markets and is among the top players in France, Germany, Russia and Japan.

New York Digital Editor of Variety Todd Spangler with BBTV CEO Shahrzad Rafati © 2017 Rex Features

“We’re committed to building on our existing momentum, and today’s news is yet another example of how we’re laying the foundation for our next stage of significant growth,” comments Shahrzad Rafati, Founder and CEO, BroadbandTV. “The regions we’re focusing on have massive potential. Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest-growing internet economy.”

Moreover, on 6 January 2017, Shahrzad Rafati participated the Variety Entertainment Summit at CES. Rafati had a headliner conversation on ‘Strategies in connecting with digital audiences worldwide’ and was interviewed by Todd Spangler, New York Digital Editor of Variety. Among other topics, she spoke about BBTV’s latest announcements, growth and future plans, as well as industry trends. 

Regarding BBTV’s future plans, Rafati said: “Ultimately, our ambition is to have one of the world’s strongest ecosystems in online video, which is a combination of operating strong brands, producing captivating content, innovating leading technologies, smart distribution and monetisation across the board.”