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22.10.2018, Germany, RTL Radio Deutschland

RTL Radio Deutschland has launched Swop, which allows the users of channel apps to replace the song currently streaming live with alternative tracks.

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In other words, Swop, for the first time ever enables listeners to choose which music tracks their favourite radio station plays. Swop was developed in cooperation with Nacamar and Sohard. It will be rolled out across Germany in the next few weeks, having premiered on the Berlin-based station 104.6RTL. The Lower Saxony station Antenne Niedersachsen, the radio stations run by Funkhaus Halle and 105'5 Spreeradio will follow shortly.

Swop offers its users maximum variety and individuality when listening to their favourite station, giving them the option of switching in parallel to alternative tracks within the official station schedule. As soon as spoken segments, such as input by presenters, services, or benchmarks begin, all listeners are automatically merged back into the live stream.

Since Swop distributes radio streams in hybrid and adaptive fashion, many new, smart and, above all, personalised formats in the area of ​​audio advertising can also be integrated. The independence of individual ad servers, the break-up of the conventional static advertising block, where all listeners hear the same ads, and the creation of interactive advertising formats are just some of the other benefits of this new product.

Stephan Schmitter

Stephan Schmitter, CEO RTL Radio Deutschland, says: "The advent of 'swopping' will make radio a substantially more individually tailored experience. In Swop we have created the next unique product for the German radio market and can exploit its potential to add digital offerings to our successful linear programmes. This makes Swop another important building block for implementing our 'Total Audio' strategy. The upshot for our listeners and customers is a set of utterly novel, individual options when using and selecting the tracks played by their favourite station. I hope many more radio stations will soon start 'swopping' like us, too!"

Swop was developed in just eight months by the company's strategic and technical digital unit: the Digital Media Hub. Technically, it is based on Sohard's DABiS800 transmission automation platform and YBRID, a new dynamic audio experience platform created by Nacamar. The resulting solution enables a successful marriage of broadcasting, streaming and player technologies without altering existing programme flows. The feature is available on the new DMHub app platform, which offers a number of other functions besides Swop.