Coronavirus update

17.03.2020, Luxembourg, RTL Group

Here is an overview of the precautionary measures taken by some our business units around the world to limit the spread of the virus and thus protect our colleagues, but also to ensure the continuity of our activities.

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Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

As of 16 March, our Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland colleagues whose presence is not required for broadcast and production are required to work from home. For those employees with a business-critical function who are required to work on site a special childcare offer has been set on the same location. The employees who cannot work from home and whose presence is not required should benefit of a special group-wide absence regulation. Meanwhile, the IT Department is also working on expanding the technical equipment required for home office.

Groupe M6

The measures taken at Groupe M6 evolve regularly according to the French government’s decisions. All employees who don’t work in news reporting, production, broadcast are asked to work from home as of 16 March. People who have to go to the offices have to check their temperature before entering and wash their hands when they arrive. Journalists are equipped with protection kits and the equipment is disinfected. Meetings were reduced until 16 March and are now forbidden, only online meetings are allowed. Shows are shot with no public. Extra sanitary measures are also taken in the company restaurant and in the building (hydroalcoholic solution dispensers, etc.).


All of Fremantle’s global offices have now moved towards remote working as a precaution and there are different plans in place for each territory. On productions around the world, teams are having to adapt and innovate quickly as the situation evolves. The producers are continually sharing best practices and learning from each other. Similarly, with global TV events being cancelled (MIPTV, Series Mania, etc), Fremantle is ensuring that they keep the conversation going with clients and buyers by running their own virtual market.

RTL Nederland

As of 13 March, all RTL Nederland employees have been urged to work from home, except for the business-critical functions. These measures are applicable at least until 6 April 2020. Meetings mainly take place by telephone, via Skype for business or Microsoft Teams

RTL Belgium

Our Belgian colleagues have taken more restrictive measures as of 15 March. Meetings are forbidden and employees are encouraged to use video or call conference instead. Home office is now mandatory for all the employees except the ones needed to run broadcast. The company’s restaurant is closed as well as the fitness centre. The access to the building is forbidden to external people except subcontractors and TV/radio shows guests. Travelling abroad, including to Luxembourg, is forbidden. All the state safety recommendations should also be followed seriously also outside of the office.

Luxembourg, at RTL City

To limit the spread of the virus, as of Monday 16 March, stricter measures have been introduced and all employees are required to work from home until further notice. Only those employees with business-critical functions are permitted to access the buildings at RTL City. As in most of Group’s business units, measures also aim to protect as much as possible all colleagues who are in charge of critical functions such as playout, production, newsrooms. Moreover, the restaurant and the fitness centre were closed, external visitors were not allowed access to the building unless expressly allowed by the management, with the exception of the TV and radio guests. 

RTL Croatia

The employees of RTL Croatia are required to work from home except the ones directly involved in central broadcast services. RTL Croatia has also stopped their productions as of 16 March.

RTL Hungary

Before the coronavirus reached Hungary, RTL Hungary provided their employees with hand sanitizer dispensers in the building. Since the situation escalated, extra sanitary measures were taken by the company. On 16 March, our RTL Hungary colleagues worked hard to provide all the employees with the technical background needed to work from home. Everybody is on home office as of 17 March except the ones necessary for broadcast. Business trips abroad are also banned.


Bertelsmann is also stepping up its measures in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus: Employees who are able to work from home must do so from now on. This applies worldwide and takes effect immediately. Read more on Benet.
Stay calm, stay safe and we will keep you informed!
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