TV managers in round-table talks

12.05.2020, Germany, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland invited TV stations and broadcasting groups ARD, ZDF, ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL Zwei to attend a digital “TV Round Table” for the German TV production industry on 11 May 2020.

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Broadcasting representatives held intensive discussions with managers from the production and creative, film funding and media policy sectors about common challenges under the coronavirus crisis, especially the vital nationwide restart for production. According to surveys by the Head Organisation of the German Film Industry (SPIO), the industry has already seen over 400 instances of filming being abandoned, interrupted or postponed to the tune of around half a billion euros in investments since the outbreak began.

CEO Bernd Reichart and COO Programme Affairs & Multichannel Henning Tewes from Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland hosted the event.

Attendees included high-ranking TV managers, the Federal Minister for Culture and Media, Monika Grütters, and representatives from the production and creative industries, among them Petra Müller (CEO of the Film and Media Foundation NRW), Christoph Palmer (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Allianz Deutscher Produzenten – Film & Fernsehen e.V.) and film producers Alexander Thies, Oliver Berben and Regina Ziegler.

Alongside field reports on existing aid and current initiatives like the “Draft Covid-19 Guidelines” from the Alliance of German Producers, the next steps and the need for further measures for the resumption of legally safe and healthy production operations were agreed.

“Today’s discussions have shown that we have found good models for addressing the coronavirus crisis in a collaborative way. However, as a sector, we face further practical challenges and economic risks when we resume production. Today’s meeting was an important first step towards resolving these matters,” was the unanimous conclusion from participants.
“We will pursue this path together. We all agree that the safety of production operations has top priority. This includes physical safety on set and the certainty of producers and stations to be able to restrict the economic risks as much as possible when production resumes.”

The main priority is to implement the “Draft Employment Protection Guidelines” from the Alliance of German Producers together as quickly as possible as the basis of a rapid resumption of filming. At the same time, all participants agreed that a default fund needed to be set up as an essential prerequisite for the resumption of production activity to absorb any economic losses due to further production stoppages or shutdowns. Industry representatives of the Federal Culture Minister put forward a proposal at the Round Table. Dialogue will shortly be sought with the appropriate Ministers over the actual format. Partners will remain in close contact.



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