Virtual Pride Month changes the game

19.06.2020, North America, SpotX

Kevin Hunt, SVP, Global Marketing at SpotX, talks to Campaign about Virtual Pride month and how it unites queer people around the world, even the ones who wouldn’t have attended the real-life events.

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Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt is quoted in the Campaign article amongst other Adland insiders who share their thoughts on the possible opportunity to make Pride Month more impactful and meaningful, despite the circumstances.

The SpotX SVP says: “Virtual Pride month creates a never-before-possible moment to unite queer people from around the world. Being sheltered-in-place, with access to CTV or mobile devices, gives participants an intimate, front row seat – something unattainable at crowded public events. For those who might not feel safe being their authentic selves in public, this digital reset provides an inclusive environment for a special connection as well.

This incredible moment allows civic leaders, activists, role models, and celebrities to speak as one to the community en masse. It creates a powerful forum to address the most important global issues and celebrate the tremendous acceptance and success the community has built since the Stonewall riots in NYC, Gene Comptons in San Francisco, and countless other moments around the world, led by minorities and marginalised people. It’s also an opportunity to discuss all the work that’s left to be done – where living one's authentic life can cause great danger to themselves and their families.

Virtual Pride means that in many cases, global events will be recorded and streamed in their entity for the first time, giving viewers the chance to experience events they would have otherwise been unable to attend. And with the popularity of live streaming on social platforms, it will drive new moments to connect that never existed before.

It’s possible that this new format will be here to stay forever, and I, for one, look forward to seeing how we innovate Pride Month for years to come.”

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