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24.08.2020, United Kingdom, Fremantle

Andrea Scrosati, COO at Fremantle, reveals in an interview with Deadline how Fremantle’s production is speeding up

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In a recent interview with Deadline, Andrea Scrosati, Chief Operating Officer at Fremantle, tells how Fremantle’s production being almost fully up in speed and gives insight on which series are soon released. Moreover, he outlines the importance of partnering with talents in order to create the strongest possible IP (Intellectual Property) and content for Fremantle and its business.

Andrea Scrosati

“More than 80 per cent of our shows are back in production. Because we operate in 30 territories, there was never a moment during the coronavirus crisis where we stopped production completely. We were always producing somewhere,” says Andrea Scrosati, Global COO at Fremantle.

He mentions that due to the implications and circumstances given Covid-19, certain projects were produced even quicker, for example the production of the series Anna, by reducing the number of episodes. The production of the third season of Israeli series Shitsel is currently focused on a quick production process.

Scrosati continues: “Fremantle has 49 dramas in production or pre-production, and among these 31 are either shooting or post-producing.” Among them, Deutschland 89, The Investigation and season 3 of American Gods are in post-production and Cargo, season 2 of Those Who Kill and season 2 of Exit are currently shooting. In addition, the shooting of the new Netflix commissioned movie The Hand of God with Paolo Sorrentino is planned to start shooting in September 2020.

The production at Fremantle is almost at full speed and exciting new series, shows and movies are awaiting, which you can see on the right side of this article. 

Read the full interview with Andrea Scrosati here.

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