Salto goes live

16.10.2020, France, Groupe M6

Salto, the French television groups’ joint streaming platform, launches on 20 October. 

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For €6.99 per month, French families can access more than 10,000 hours of streamed programmes in a wide variety of genres, spanning films, series, drama, documentaries, youth programmes, reality TV, magazine shows, round-the-clock live news, and sport - a unique model in the continental European audio-visual landscape.

Anytime, anywhere, for anyone

Salto gets rid of television programming limitations. On, French families can watch their favourite French TV programmes streamed anytime. Complete new seasons are already exclusively available on Salto.

Daily soap fans will be delighted: after watching an episode of their favourite series, they can watch the next two episodes on - before they are broadcast on TV.

Those who cannot wait for the launch of the new seasons of Fargo or Manifest in France can watch them the day after they are broadcast in the United-States, exclusively on Salto. Rare gems of series from Quebec, Spain, the United-States, Switzerland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Israel and many more countries will also be available on Salto. Brand-new French drama will also premier exclusively on

Thomas Follin, Managing Director of Salto, says: “Salto goes live to meet new public expectations in what goes straight to their hearts. There is a strong demand from the French audience to get access to a wider streaming offer, more diversified, more popular, and for a TV which gets rid of programmation moments. A new offer to bring them together and that looks like them.”

Home sweet home

Salto subscribers will get programme recommendations from a dedicated editorial team that knows the content they like, rather than algorithms. French families can choose what they watch according to their mood or even their horoscope, whether it is the next episode of a daily soap, a foreign comedy, or a socially-aware documentary. This extra touch makes a big difference!

On Salto, everyone has their own profile, and will find something to suit all tastes, for all generations. Subscribers can access specific profiles for watching with others, whether it is a romantic evening for two, a family night in front of the TV, a binge-watching session with friends, an evening for the boys or early morning programmes for the children.

  • Solo subscription: €6.99 per month for one-screen access 
  • Duo subscription: €9.99 per month for simultaneous two-screen access  
  • Crew subscription: €12.99 per month for simultaneous four-screen access   

Discover Salto – watch the teaser

Nicolas de Tavernost, Chairman of the Executive Board of Groupe M6, reacts to the platform reveal: "Dear Thomas Follin, congratulations for this presentation! It makes one want to subscribe to Salto"

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