Leaders in reach and trust

28.06.2021, Luxembourg/Germany, RTL Group

RTL is leading in many countries when it comes to reach and trust, according to a recent report by Reuters Institute.

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RTL Klub not only has the largest offline reach in Hungary, but it is also the second most trustworthy news source in the country, according to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2021 (Backstage reported). The same report showed that RTL is one of the leading media companies in many countries throughout Europe when it comes to online and offline reach and brand trust. 


In the French-speaking part of Belgium, RTL News has the largest online reach (with 39 per cent of survey participants accessing the site weekly). When it comes to offline media (TV, radio and print), RTL has the second largest reach (47 per cent weekly use), while Bel RTL has the fifth largest reach (21 per cent). The RTL brand is also well trusted in this area of Belgium, with RTL and Bel RTL placed at fourth and eighth respectively (67 per cent and 64 per cent of survey participants reported they trust the brand). 


Marc Puškarić

RTL News is leading in Croatia with the largest offline reach in the country (57 per cent weekly use), alongside Nova News, while being the second most trusted news source (73 per cent of participants indicated they trust the brand). 

Marc Puškarić, CEO of RTL Croatia, says: “Press freedom, protection of journalists, unbiased reporting and bringing only relevant and accurate information to our viewers and readers are among our core values. We continue fulfilling our mission regardless of the challenges we are facing, and we are glad when these efforts are recognized”.


Over in France, M6 News has the fourth largest offline reach, with a weekly use rate of 27 per cent. 10 per cent of survey participants access M6 online at least once per week, and 49 per cent indicated they trust the M6 News brand. 


In Germany, RTL Aktuell and NTV have the fourth and fifth largest offline reach in the country, with a weekly use rate of 26 per cent and 24 per cent respectively. In the online sector, NTV has the fifth largest reach, with 14 per cent of participants using the site at least once per week. When it comes to trust, 63 per cent of participants indicated they trust the n-tv brand, while 46 per cent of participants trust RTL Aktuell

The Netherlands 

Last but not least, RTL has the second largest offline reach in the Netherlands (29 per cent weekly use), while RTL News has the fifth largest offline reach (15 per cent weekly use). RTL News is extremely trustworthy source of information in the country, with 74 per cent of survey participants indicating they trust the brand.