Powerful women

29.07.2021, Germany

Julia Reuter and Sonja Schwetje from RTL Deutschland are among the 25 most powerful women in the German media industry. 

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The ranking by media trade magazine Kress Pro includes 25 female executives in high-ranking positions at major media companies, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines and broadcasters. Julia Reuter, Managing Director of Strategy, Human Resources & Culture at RTL Deutschland and Sonja Schwetje, Editor-in-Chief of NTV & Networks RTL News, are among the top 25.

Julia Reuter was praised by Kress Pro for being part of RTL Deutschland’s success story in Germany, first helping RTL Zwei achieve economic dynamism as CFO and COO before joining RTL Deutschland’s management team in January 2019 (Backstage reported). Sonja Schwetje, on the other hand, was praised for her seven years of leading the news channel NTV, thus exceeding her predecessors. 

When asked what advice she would give to women in the media industry aspiring towards a management position, Julia Reuter says: "There are many female executives at RTL Deutschland, but it is our clear goal to further increase the share of women in executive positions and to better reconcile family with career. My advice to all young leaders is: Be confident and passionate in everything you do. Stand up for something, make your point and inspire yourself and others to think differently. Don't take things for granted, question them, because your perspective is valuable. Dynamic change can only be successfully met with diversity of perspective!" 
Sonja Schwetje shares the following advice, which helped her personally to reach her current position: "From my experience, it is helpful to have a good, broad network and not be afraid to ask questions if you don't know or don’t immediately understand something. Never see this as a weakness, but deal with it confidently: This would be my advice to anyone aspiring to a leadership position, whether female or male."