Who keeps the content up to date?

All content is kept up-to-date by the RTL Group Communications Communications & Investor Relations department.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please feel free to contact our webmaster at

Help: How do I download your logo?

Right-click, select "copy" and then go to the document where you need the logo and paste it in there. You can also save it on your disk.

Tip: the high-resolution logo of RTL Group can be found in the "Press" menu, "Logos".

How can I contact your subsidiaries?

In the "About us" menu and through the links "Overview" you'll find descriptions and links to the websites of RTL Group's subsidiaries. 

How do I apply for a job?

To see all job opportunities and apply for a job click on the "Careers" menu.

What is Acrobat Reader and can I download it?

Acrobat Reader is a tool that allows you to read PDF files and to print them in high quality.
To download it, visit the Adobe Homepage.

Note: You need Acrobat Reader or a similar software to open the Annual Report.

How do I subscribe to press releases?

Go to the "Press" menu, select the menu "Subscribe to press releases" and fill in the relevant form to receive them.

How do I subscribe to analyst events?

Go to the "Investors" menu, select the menu "Financial Calendar" and fill in the relevant form to receive them.

How do I get the latest stock quote?

The information is available in the "Investors" section at "Stock Quotes".

How can I download the Annual Report?

The Annual Report can be downloaded in the "Investor " part under the menu "Annual reports". Click on the link to view the Annual Report online or right-click the link and choose "Save Target As..." to save it on your computer.